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EB-4 Special Immigrants

The EB-4 category covers special immigrant religious workers as well as other miscellaneous categories. The following are some of the categories of special immigrants:

Religious Workers
There are three groups of religious "special immigrants": (1) ministers of religion; (2) professionals working in religious vocations or occupations; and (3) other workers in religious vocations or occupations. These individuals must work for U.S. nonprofit, religious organizations or at nonprofit, religious organizations affiliated with qualified religious denominations. There is no labor certification requirement.

Court Dependent Juveniles
Court dependent juveniles are children declared dependent by a juvenile court in the U.S. or who that court has committed to the custody of a state agency or department and who have been deemed eligible by that court for long term foster care due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Returning Resident
This covers returning residents of the United States who have allegedly abandoned their residency status.

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