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Temporary Visas

Visitor Visa

B-1 Visa
A way to temporarily visit the U.S. to promote your business venture is under B-1 status.  This visa allows access to a variety of economic opportunities in the U.S.  Individuals eligible for this visa range from board members and athletes to musicians, entertainers, and servants of non-immigrants.  B-1 applicants may stay in the U.S. for up to one year.

B-1 visa applicants must be able to prove the nature of the business that they plan to do, the exact length of time that they need to conduct their business, and their intention to return to their home country after the business has been concluded.

B-2 Visa
The B-2 visa is the entry pass for tourists interested in seeing the U.S. through brief pleasure trips.  These types of trips include legitimate activities of a recreational character such as tourism, amusement, visits to friends and/or relatives, rest, medical treatment, or activities of a social or service nature.  B-2 applicants may stay in the U.S. for up to one year. 

The B-2 applicant must prove that they are coming to the U.S. for recreation or medical attention; that they are only going to remain in the U.S. for a specific amount of time; that they have enough money to pay for their trip, and that they have a permanent residence in the home country to which they intend to return.

B-2 visas are also available to nonspouse partners (regardless of gender) who accompany a principal E, H, or L visa holder for duration of stay. 

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